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Dear Hanim friend’s.

After 7 years of hosting you, we are pleased to announce that your beloved Hanim is fully renovated. With love, passion and respect for our location and rich history, we renewed all of our rooms.

  • 1, 75 sqm maisonette which includes 2 bedrooms, a hot tub and a balcony
  • 1, 60 sqm apartment which includes 2 bedrooms and a hot tub
  • 4, 30 sqm rooms, 2 including a hot tub and balcony

All of our rooms have a minimal and elegant design for your pleasure and comfort.

Explore our interior design by checking the pictures here.

Please contact us through the contact form for more information and bookings.


To all the travelers who keep on discovering new parts of the world.
To all the ramblers who think there’s more to a place than just what’s written in a tourist guide.
To those who choose to explore Chania on foot.
To those who’ve realized that the people and the food are an integral part of each place.
To those who come as friends.


Chania is the second largest city of Crete and the capital of the Chania regional unit. It lies along the north coast of Crete , Greece's largest island.

Chania Crete Studios

Staying in Hanim places you right at the heart of the old town of Chania, Just a breath away from the Venetian Port.


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